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Emma Heming Shares The Quote Husband Bruce Willis Used To Say That’s Keeping Her Grounded Amidst His Dementia Diagnosis

It goes without saying that this has been a period of transition for the family of Die Hard actor Bruce Willis. In March 2022, the veteran actor had to retire due to a health condition and, while he was initially diagnosed with aphasia, he later received  an updated frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, has been doing what she can to care for her husband during this time and has gotten real about the experience. Apparently though, a quote her husband used to say has been keeping her grounded through these tough times. 

Emma Heming Willis, has been a dedicated partner to Bruce as he’s battled frontotemporal dementia — a disorder that affects the frontal and temporal parts of the brain dealing with personality, language, and behaviors. And while she’s stayed strong for him, she also appears to still be drawing strength from him as well. On Instagram, she quoted one of her hubby’s old sayings, and it’s a very intrinsic way of thinking: