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What Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Will Allegedly Do If They Can’t Land Joint Gig Following GMA Drama

In the aftermath of the scandal involving their reported workplace affair, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been enjoying “funemployment.” As a result, they’ve been soaking up the sun in places like Miami and Mexico. The former GMA3 anchors are apparently eager to get back to work, though, and alleged details on their future career plans have come to light over the past several weeks. Not only do they reportedly want to stick with TV, but sources say that the couple is hoping to land a show together and continue to work as co-hosts. However, new reports suggest that Holmes and Robach have a plan should they not be able to land a joint gig. 

Insiders previously indicated that the two journalists ideally want to land on another news program of sorts. Yet more recently, it’s been alleged that they’re trying to be flexible when it comes to finding a new network. A person who purportedly has knowledge on the situation told Us Weekly that this is indeed the case. And if they’re to be believed, the media personalities are making themselves available for a plethora of productions: 

They’re pitching themselves as a duo. They’ve pitched a reality show, docuseries and daytime talk show, all of which they know will be popular and people will watch. Amy has said whatever they do, this is about real love and they’re in it together.