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Hugh Jackman Threw An A+ Jab At Ryan Reynolds Following Wrexham’s Loss, Because Of Course

Few Hollywood feuds have been half as entertaining as the long-standing faux feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The pair’s playful rivalry has been amusing their fans for years now. Both actors, who share a love-hate relationship, have been known to throw zingers at each other on social media and during public appearances. This time, the Wolverine star saw an opportunity to take a hilarious dig at his buddy Reynolds after his soccer team, Wrexham, suffered a shocking defeat.

Ryan Reynolds has become a prominent soccer team owner over the past two seasons, with his Welsh soccer club, Wrexham, garnering much interest from sports devotees. However, the team experienced a shocking loss to Halifax Town in their last game, jeopardizing their chances of automatic promotion and upsetting longtime fans. Smelling the metaphorical blood in the water, Hugh Jackman (known for being an avid football fan) took to his Instagram stories, posting a picture that’s meant to be a swipe at Reynolds. The image depicts a crossroad sign reading “HUGH KING ALLEY,” with the Greatest Showman actor tagging Reynolds in it. Despite the loss, the Deadpool star has not lost his sense of humor. This is evidenced by the fact that he went a step further by hilariously reposting his frenemy’s story without comment. You can see Jackman’s post below. 

a post from Hugh Jackman's Instagram

(Image credit: Hugh Jackman)

While the crossroad sign jab is an excellent continuation of the ongoing back-and-forth banter between the mock rivals, the Australia alum said recently that he had been offered several chances to come in as a co-owner of rival teams but has a better idea of how to get under his faux foe’s skin. The X-Men veteran jokingly said it’s “too easy” to buy a soccer team, and he’d much rather play for the team that will beat the Free Guy star’s football club. This guy really likes going for the jugular!