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Did Wheel Of Fortune Actually Screw Contestant Out Of $100K Prize Like Fans Think?

TV audiences often thrive when their game shows of choice dish out moments that offer even a sliver of a reason to raise hell, whether it’s jibes for wildly off-base guesses or calling out hosts for oddball behavior or plenty of other reasons. Every so often, the complaints may seem to be more legitimate calls to action, and Wheel of Fortune fans are often quick to challenge Pat Sajak and the show’s judges for contestants’ on-air close calls. Just such a situation occurred recently, perhaps garnering more attention because of the potential $100,000 payday, but was the show actually at fault?

Why Fans Think Wheel Of Fortune Screwed One Contestant

The April 6 episode of Wheel of Fortune featured Texas Woman’s University student Alexa Hoekstra emerging victorious against her fellow competitors, earning nearly $20,000 during the main portion of the game. The possibly controversial moment occurred during the prize round, however, when her attempts to correctly guess the puzzle were deemed unsuccessful, though she came about as close as humanly possible to getting it. To the point where a number of viewers voiced their thoughts on Twitter, such as the user below:

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