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Royal Child Names Via the Ages, From Albert to Zara

What’s in a reputation? Effectively, in case you are a member of the British royal household, quite a bit. Royal names signify bloodlines, stability, and centuries of custom. From Albert to Zara, every royal title has a narrative behind it, and its very personal place within the historical past books.

The preferred royal names have change into synonymous with the Home of Windsor. Over the previous 200 years, 12 British royals have been named Albert, which implies “noble and vivid.” Ten have shared the title George, which is of Greek origin and means “farmer.” There have been 9 Victorias (the Latin phrase for “victory”), eight named Charles (Previous English which means “free man”), seven Marys and Edwards, and 6 named Louise and Alexandra. Different perpetually fashionable royal names embody Alice, Elizabeth, Margaret, Charlotte, Arthur, William, and Henry.

Names for the reigning monarch are usually repeated, until a nasty seed taints the title without end. There have been 11 King Edwards, eight King Henrys, and 4 King Williams. Conversely, there was just one King John, in all probability as a result of his unpopularity because the monarch who was compelled to signal the Magna Carta in 1215. There was additionally just one King Stephen, who reigned over a contested throne from 1135–1154, resulting in a brutal civil conflict.

Earlier than the Norman invasion of 1066, English rulers had names that at the moment appear outlandish. Based on Britain’s Royal Households: The Full Family tree by Alison Weir, early Anglo-Saxon rulers included Athelstan, Eadred, Eadwig, and Aethelred. On the flip facet, the Anglo-Saxons additionally launched rulers named Edward. There have been additionally two King Harolds, which resonates with the trendy day. Harold, in any case, was Prince William’s non-public nickname for his brother, Prince Harry.

Some have speculated about if there’s a deeper which means behind the nickname. In any case, King Harold II, the final Anglo-Saxon king, was defeated by William the Conqueror on the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The brand new Norman dynasty would deliver a brand new set of names to the ruling household, together with William, Henry, and Robert.

Prince William as an toddler

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