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Jeopardy Contestant Changes Up Facial Hair After ‘Jerkola’ Fans Told Him He Looked Like Hitler

One would think Brian Henegar was having a pretty good week, as his three-day run as a Jeopardy! champion has amassed him over $68,000 going into the April 7 episode. However, rather than basking in his tens of thousands of dollars, the guest services agent from Tennessee has been battling Twitter trolls — or “jerkolas,” as Henegar called them — who say he resembles Adolf Hitler. The contestant even took a break from social media, before returning to the platform with a new look and a pledge to a good cause.

Brian Henegar made his Jeopardy! debut on Tuesday, April 4 — with Ken Jennings back as host — winning $23,201. However, his shining moment was tainted by “jerks on Twitter,” whose comments compared his hair style and mustache to that of the former German dictator. Henegar returned to social media the next day to announce that he was making a change, tweeting

So I have two things to say right now, and then I’m not gonna say anything else about the matter for the sake of my own sanity. For starters, even though I’ve spent about 10 years on it, i’m shaving off my mustache tonight…too much work to keep it tight.