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8 Qualities To Look For In An Auto Repair Shop

Undoubtedly, a car is an important possession for every car owner. It is a source of commuting from one place to another. Without a car, the distance between home and the office can be time-consuming and tiring. So, the breakdown of a car or problems in its performance can be distressing as you depend on your vehicle to manage daily errands.

That is why buying a car is not enough as you have to make efforts to maintain it as well. Auto repair is expensive, especially in global metropolitans like Dubai. Regular car maintenance can save you from expensive auto repair. Having said that, a car is a machine and may need repairs or good hands for maintenance for it to work properly. You cannot trust every workshop with your car. An unprofessional car service provider can damage car parts or may not be able to diagnose and fix the issue properly. But how to identify a professional auto repair shop with experienced workers?

In this article, we will discuss 8 qualities of a good workshop every car owner should look for:

1.       Customer Reviews

In this era of social media, identifying a good workshop for auto service has become easier. The results offered by a car repair shop depend on past experience. You can check out what customers have to say on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites. Look for the workshop that has more than 50 reviews and 4.5 ratings. The reviews will tell about the services they offer and how happy customers are from their experience. Likewise, a personal reference is another way of identifying which auto repair shop carries more weight.

2.       Quality Of Car Parts

The quality of parts auto repair shops also use matters. We go to a workshop to fix a problem that keeps the vehicle in good shape and ensures longevity. However, the quality of car parts workshops uses matters to ensure an increased lifespan. So, another quality to look for in a car repair shop is whether they use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. Do not trust a company which uses cheap parts, as they do not go a long way. Similarly, it fails more than expected and will cost you more in future.

3.       Work Authorization

Let them explain before authorizing the work. A professional worker will explain and show, if necessary, the car parts and the work needed to be done for repair. The main purpose for them is to help customers understand the problem and discuss the solution. A good shop will be honest and explain every single detail about your vehicle for satisfaction.

4.       Qualification And Experience

Another quantity that a car repair shop must have is the required qualification of staff and experience. An unqualified worker cannot diagnose the problem or fix the issue properly. It is essential for them to have the required knowledge to provide the repairs you need. Ask them for the qualification, certifications, and experience they have in the field to identify to what extent they are capable of handling the issues.

5.       Punctuality

It is very unprofessional for the shops to not meet the scheduling time. As mentioned above, people’s life depends on their vehicle, even small business. That is why delays can cause inconvenience. Sometimes, the shop staff misleads the customers about the estimated time which is extremely unprofessional. Another quality of a good repair shop is that they guide you through the process and the time it will take for the repair.

6.       Pricing

Pricing is a major factor for customers as it affects their bank balance. However, sometimes the staff is not as clear about the expense during the consultation as they should be. Another quality of a good car repair shop is that they are clear about the pricing. Furthermore, consider the shops that are neither too cheap nor too expensive as you may face a loss in both cases.

7.       Warranty

The warranty time shops offer also needs to be considered. Some shops offer only 12 month’s warranty while some give 3 years warranty after repair. So, do your research and get the best.

8.       Presentation Of The Workshop

The presentation of the place tells a lot about the workshop. The location, what equipment they use for repair and car cleaning services, and how organized the staff is all matter to estimate the pride they take in work.

The Takeaway

In all, a good and experienced car tyre repair shop matters a lot for good customer service and quality repair. So, take help from social media sites or ask your friends and family to make the right choice.