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WWE Legend Kurt Angle Has Some Thoughts About Roman Reigns Beating Cody Rhodes At WrestleMania 39

The conclusion to WrestleMania 39 will likely go down as one of the most polarizing in the event’s storied history. After a historically great undercard, Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes gave fans an absolute banger of a match, backed by an emotionally invested crowd that was so hungry to see The American Nightmare finally finish the story and fulfill his destiny. But to the shock of almost everyone in attendance and watching at home, The Tribal Chief continued his nearly one thousand day unbeaten streak and pinned his challenger (after some interference). In the week since, fans have argued about the conclusion, and now, WWE legend Kurt Angle has given his take.

Appearing on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show (opens in new tab), The American Hero was asked for his perspective on the decision to keep Roman on top of the mountain, and he was clear he didn’t agree with it. Angle said he doesn’t think it makes sense to keep one person as a champion for that long, and while he thinks Roman is great and deserves what’s come to him, he thinks WrestleMania 39 was the moment to turn Cody from star into mega-star. Here’s a portion of his quote…

I’m not gonna beat up on Roman Reigns because he is the man and deserves to be, but you know, we’re in a time now where if you’re champion for three years, it’s a little long. It’s too long because we’re not in territories anymore (when you weren’t on TV every week)… Now, Roman Reigns looks like he’ll hold the title for another few years. The thing is he’s on TV every week, sometimes twice a week and then pay per view every month. It’s just a lot. I don’t really believe the ratings are going to go down, but I do believe some people are going to lose interest because they’re not making other wrestlers. Roman had an opportunity to make a wrestler. He could have made Cody into a mega-star. Cody is already a star, but he would have been a mega-star if he won at WrestleMania. That’s just my opinion.