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Why Prince Harry Reportedly Didn’t Meet Up With King Charles During His Trip To London

Considering Prince Harry doesn’t find himself in the UK all that often now, whenever he goes back it’s big news. The Duke of Sussex returned to London for a tabloids lawsuit that many big names were involved in, including Elton John, and it was a big deal. As this lawsuit has gone on, people noticed that the prince hadn’t met up with his family, and it was reported that the “trust is gone,” between him and the other royals. Now, a source has clarified why the youngest son of King Charles didn’t see his father on the trip, and if it’s true, in terms of this trip, there’s no drama at all. 

A source revealed to ET that there is allegedly no dramatic reason the king and his son didn’t meet up, they simply weren’t in the same place at the same time. They said:

They were unable to meet due to the king’s busy schedule surrounding his first overseas Royal Tour.