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Boxing was‎ shaken by Kitchie Kitch’s sudden exit on March 31, 2023.‎ Kitchie was Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s loyal helper and confidant in‎ his personal and professional life. Fans and admirers were devastated‎ by her abrupt death. This homage explores Kitchie Laurico’s fantastic‎ life from the Philippines to the US, a tapestry of‎ fashion, music, and devotion. Kitchie was a multidimensional person who‎ left an unforgettable imprint on those who knew her beyond‎ her social media fame.

Who Was Kitchie Laurico?

Kitchie Kitch,‎ born Kitchie Laurico, was a lively and multidimensional woman from‎ the Philippines to the US. She was born to love‎ fashion and music and worked as a stylist and DJ‎ before becoming a close friend of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Kitchie‎ became Mayweather’s assistant for almost a decade due to her‎ charisma and special abilities.

After joining his squad, Kitchie became‎ important to Floyd Mayweather’s TBE (The Best Ever) firm. She‎ attended several events with him over the years. Kitchie became‎ Mayweather and his family’s confidant and buddy, not just his‎ helper. Kitchie acquired professional and social media fame. Her 144k‎ Instagram followers saw her lavish vacations, celebrity encounters, and excellent‎ fashion sense.

Kitchie’s online presence showed her as a style‎ icon and influencer who shared her active life with her‎ fans. Kitchie Laurico’s kindness and warmth won over both professional‎ and personal acquaintances. Her devotion to Floyd Mayweather made her‎ a trusted aide and friend. Her closeness to Mayweather and‎ his family showed their deep affinity.

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Beyond boxing, Kitchie Laurico’s‎ life was a tapestry of events that touched many. Passion‎ and commitment transformed her from the Philippines to a key‎ player in one of boxing’s most recognized careers. Kitchie Laurico‎ was more than an assistant. She was a companion, sister,‎ and inspiration to those who appreciated her personality and elegance.‎

The Mysterious Passing

The mysterious death of Kitchie Laurico on‎ March 31, 2023, casts a cloud on his colorful life.‎ According to reports, she felt unwell the day before her‎ death, adding unpredictability and leaving many with doubts. There has‎ been much curiosity over Kitchie’s death as there has been‎ no official word.

Some accounts say she died in a‎ vehicle accident, while others say she had a heart attack.‎ The lack of a clear, official explanation creates confusion, highlighting‎ the need for correct facts to reconstruct her death. Without‎ official confirmation, Kitchie’s death’s strange circumstances heighten mourners’ emotions.

Her‎ disappearance confuses friends, coworkers, and admirers about her last hours.‎ Kitchie Laurico’s death intrigues the public, who must traverse contradicting‎ accounts. Kitchie Laurico’s death mystery reminds the world of the‎ fragility of life and the power of one person, even‎ in their absence.

Reactions To Kitchie Laurico’s Death

Kitchie Laurico’s‎ untimely and unexpected death on March 31, 2023, shocked her‎ friends and followers. The outpouring of grief after her death‎ shows her enormous influence on others. Friends, coworkers, and acquaintances‎ sent condolences on social media and remembered the colorful spirit‎ they lost. The tributes described Kitchie Laurico as a kind,‎ committed person who made an everlasting imprint on everyone she‎ met.

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These sincere sentiments showed the depth of her lifelong‎ ties. With 144k Instagram followers, Kitchie’s social media presence boosted‎ the news spread. Her accounts became digital shrines as fans,‎ influencers, and followers left condolences. The online platform allowed others‎ to express their emotions, memories, and respect for Kitchie, highlighting‎ her broader effect.

Beyond her close circle, Kitchie Laurico’s followers‎ lamented her departure, admiring her flair, charisma, and online life.‎ The virtual community that admired her as a fashion star‎ struggled with her unexpected departure. The communal grief showed Kitchie’s‎ impact beyond her close circle.

Floyd Mayweather did not publicly‎ express his sadness. Kitchie was a close friend of the‎ boxing great, who was mute after her death. This quiet‎ raised questions about Mayweather’s mental health and possible grieving. After‎ Kitchie Laurico’s death, varied responses showed her worldwide significance. The‎ collective sorrow, whether from those who knew her well or‎ from the online community that followed her journey, highlights the‎ ties made in both physical and digital spaces.

Legacy Of‎ Kitchie Laurico

Beyond her work as Floyd Mayweather’s assistant, Kitchie‎ Laurico created a lasting influence. She was crucial to Floyd‎ Mayweather’s success beyond her job description. Kitchie’s legacy includes friendship,‎ sisterhood, and everlasting support. Mayweather considered her a close friend‎ and confidant, not just an assistant.

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Their relationship transcended work‎ based on trust, devotion, and shared experiences. Kitchie Laurico was‎ Mayweather’s assistant, but she influenced him in many ways. Her‎ vibrant personality and sincere concern boosted Mayweather’s personal and professional‎ life. Her influence extended beyond the workplace, making her crucial‎ to Mayweather’s success.

Social media showed Kitchie’s diverse existence, inspiring‎ many. Her style, impact, and role as Mayweather’s assistant were‎ admired. Her lavish lifestyle, travel escapades, and immaculate fashion captivated‎ a broad audience and left an unforgettable impact on her‎ admirers.

Kitchie Laurico’s legacy transcends time. Those who knew her‎ and the community that followed her continue to feel her‎ impact. Her generosity, commitment, and influence on Mayweather’s life and‎ career are imprinted. Remembering Kitchie Laurico shows that her legacy‎ goes beyond her career. She was a sister, friend, and‎ inspiration with a far-reaching impact. Kitchie Laurico’s legacy shows the‎ power of true friendships and how one person can change‎ countless lives.


We reflect on Kitchie Laurico’s life outside‎ work after his departure. Those affected by her warmth and‎ generosity remember her as Floyd Mayweather’s constant friend. As we‎ say goodbye to Kitchie, we appreciate the vacuum she left,‎ a monument to her significant effect on boxing and those‎ she met. Kitchie Laurico, rest easy.