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What Logan’s Director Told Hugh Jackman After Finding Out The Actor Was Returning To The Wolverine Role

The following contains spoilers for James Mangold’s magnificent Logan. If you haven’t yet seen that movie, back out now… and go watch Logan!

Later this summer, director James Mangold will continue, and we assume conclude, the ongoing Indiana Jones saga with the fifth feature, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. We know a great deal about the upcoming sequel already, and a new trailer dropped that you can find online. But there’s another series that Mangold concluded that was top of mind when we got the opportunity to speak with him at Star Wars Celebration 2023, and that’s Logan. That 2017 movie was meant to be Hugh Jackman’s final go as the razor-handed mutant. Yet, now we know that Jackman will return to the role to star opposite close friend Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. What did Mangold tell Jackman when he heard the news? We asked him: