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What Advantages Does Raw Honey Have?

What are the health benefits of raw honey, and what else can it be used for besides sweetening your tea?

Using it as a sugar or sugar substitute in home cooking, canning, and baking is a great example of its versatility. You may easily modify this sugar alternative to use when preserving fruits and vegetables at home.

Often beekeepers will have such a large honey harvest that they will still have some honey left over after they have eaten, sold, and given away most of it.

Most over-the-counter cold and flu medicines sold in stores are ineffective. Warm water mixed with raw honey and fresh lemon juice is a much more potent home treatment.

In order to excite and increase their athletic performances, many top athletes swear by a mixture of honey and water. They’ll try to avoid chemical sports drinks at all costs, despite the fact that they increase performance for a short time (albeit not nearly as long as honey does). This is due to the fact that the energy-boosting chemicals in honey will be released slowly and effectively over a prolonged period of time.

Honey’s health benefits extend far beyond their use as a sweetener; contemporary science has confirmed historical claims that honey can treat a variety of ailments.

Several stores provide honey in attractive jars or cans that sit proudly on display racks. Avoid picking up any of the tempting looking jars. The honey sold in these attractive containers is often not raw honey at all but honey that has been processed and mixed with a lot of sugar or corn syrup. More harm than benefit will come from using these.

Top-Quality Retail Honey

You may find raw honey at farmer’s markets and from local beekeepers. Because it includes pollen spores, raw honey, especially local raw honey, actually desensitizes us to the airborne pollen. Many people would be spared the misery caused by hay fever if this were possible.

It’s important to read the labels while purchasing honey from a store. Avoid purchasing anything that lists “blends” as an ingredient.

True raw honey will also have propolis, which is fantastic because propolis is the most effective natural antibiotic there is.

Producers of Organic Honey are only allowed to name and sell their product if they can prove that no harmful substances, including pesticides, were used in the production of the honey.

Will Raw Honey Benefit Your Health?

The vitamins, minerals, and even water necessary to sustain life are all present in this honey, making it an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Raw honey is beneficial because it encourages the body’s B- and T-cells to proliferate.

This honey is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, which help rid the body of damaging free radicals and are essential to maintaining good health.

Raw honey is best since it includes all of the enzymes necessary for optimal digestion. This aids in immune system maintenance, which is good for those with autoimmune diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis as well as those with metabolic issues like obesity.

This honey is great for mending and tightening the skin since it eliminates skin infections, shields against environmental damage, and hydrates the skin so that it remains smooth and supple.

You can also use it to quickly and effectively heal burns and scalds. Honey is also a relatively unheralded remedy for acne.

Can Raw Honey Be Used for Medicine?

Hippocrates used honey as a primary treatment for his patients. Most of his life was spent tending to sick youngsters. They were able to grow and flourish thanks to the honey he provided for them. The things he didn’t know about honey are barely worth mentioning, given that he penned the Hippocratic Oath.

Possibly the most well-known contemporary expert on honey is Dr. Peter Molam. A New Zealander with a lot of brains who does research at the Waikato Honey Research Centre. He has spent over 30 years studying honey’s healing properties and providing scientific evidence of them.

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem also deserve credit for demonstrating that stomach ulcers can be cured by eating two to three ounces of curative honey every day.

Honey is quite effective at both preventing stomach ulcers and treating existing ones. Bad bacteria, not stress, are to blame for stomach ulcers. Just up your daily honey intake to between 2 and 5 teaspoons of pure, raw honey.

It can eat away at and remove any bad bacteria but will leave healthy bacteria alone, making it effective against most bacterial illnesses.

What percentage of the population knows it can cure the deadly flesh-eating disease MRSA? Even E. coli has no chance against honey’s antimicrobial properties.

Even medical professionals are surprised by the results when they apply honey to patients with chronic skin illnesses such severe diaper rash, bedsores, or burns. Many modern hospitals use honey as a dressing even after major surgeries.

Can you think of a more multipurpose food or medicine than raw honey? It can be spread on toast or consumed straight from the can or jar, and it can be used as an ingredient in a wide variety of culinary preparations, including cooking and baking.

Honey has no expiration date as long as it is kept at ambient temperature. The correct container can prevent absorbing moisture from its surroundings and can keep pests like ants and insects at bay.

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