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Unstable’s John Owen Lowe And Sian Clifford Reveal How Co-Star Fred Armisen Humorously Made Them Break Character While Filming

Spoilers for Netflix’s Unstable lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

Unstable, one of the most recent releases from Netflix’s 2023 TV schedule, generates a good number of laughs, thanks in great part to its capable cast. Rob Lowe leaves the charge, with others like his son and co-star John Owen Lowe and Sian Clifford also hitting some solid punchlines. Between the humorous actors and the funny situations that the show puts them in (like Lowe’s nude scene), it seems all but certain that some stars would break character during some takes. John Owen and Clifford confirmed that was indeed the case and, as they explained, castmate Fred Armisen was greatly responsible for them getting the giggles amid production.