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The Winners and Losers in Trump’s Stormy-Weather Week

Donald Trump responded to history when he pleaded not guilty to 34 felony charges in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday. The former president is fully a creature of Florida now, and after sitting for a few unflattering sketches, he jetted back to Mar-a-Lago, where he turned his misfortune into a spectacle. If, despite Marjorie Taylor Greene’s best efforts, the atmosphere in New York was relatively sedate, the crowd in Palm Beach was more than happy to give him a hero’s welcome. After taking the stage to Lee Greenwood’s 1984 “God Bless the USA,” the presidential candidate, looking for redemption in 2024, ran down a litany of familiar complaints, starting with his disdain for the DOJ’s Russia investigation and lingering on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Unlike the rock-music icons he draws musical inspiration from, Trump’s hits are not aging well. Still, the MAGA base is as devoted as ever.

This week on Inside the Hive, special correspondent Molly Jong-Fast and staff writer Erin Vanderhoof break down the events of the Trump arraignment and the rally that followed, with special attention to the way Trump makes his supporters feel like his prosecution is a personal attack. They go back in time to 2018, when an adult-film star named Stormy Daniels revealed the details of her alleged affair with Trump. There aren’t a lot of clear winners in this week’s events, but there are at least a few losers emerging from the muck.