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The Super Mario Bros. Cast Seems To Be Beefing With The 1993 Cast. What’s Going On

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is here, and while not all critics are in love with it, the box office has shown the new Mario movie is already a massive hit. And not only did the audience go in droves to see the film, but most people who have seen it seem to love it. This is in stark contrast to the original Super Mario Bros. film, which most people agree isn’t great, but now we’re seeing lines drawn from some of the cast of those films.

It’s to be expected that when a popular IP gets a second film, people are going to look back at the first. I this case maybe not that fondly, but John Leguizamo, who played Luigi in the original film says he’s got a real problem with the new movie. Meanwhile Seth Rogen is taking some pretty hard shots at the live-action movie.

What John Leguizamo Has Said About The Super Mario Bros. Movie