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The Barbie Trailer Is All Over The Internet, But People Are Coming Down On Ryan Gosling About His Age As Ken

The moment Barbie doll fans have been waiting for is finally here, as the second teaser trailer for the Mattel Inc. doll’s feature-length film premiered earlier this week, showing off Margot Robbie in her fabulous pink fashion ensembles and the growing romance between her and Ken. Those watching the new trailer clearly had an uncanny eye for detail since they obsessed over Robbie’s feet in the promo’s first shot. However, the internet was also quick to come down on Ryan Gosling’s Ken appearance, believing him to now look too old for the part.

It was a given that Gosling would be cast as Barbie’s gorgeous boyfriend Ken, as the Canadian star has never had trouble attracting a fanbase and becoming a celebrity crush to the masses. That’s why this is all the more shocking that this 42-year-old actor is now being called too old to play Barbie’s beau. Many people online, such as this Twitter user, think this former child star’s age is showing.

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