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That Time Brad Pitt Trained For Fight Club In His Garage, And Neighbor Elvira ‘Almost Fainted’ Watching Him

Neighbors can be a tricky thing. Let’s be honest, life can become complicated when two separate worlds collide in close living proximity. However, this is not true when it comes to Elvira performer (and hopeful Netflix collaborator) Cassandra Peterson and her former neighbor, Brad Pitt. Peterson recently shared some juicy details about her time living next door to the Hollywood heartthrob in the mid-90s. This included a memorable encounter that involved her seeing Pitt training for Fight Club in his garage, to which she hilariously says she “almost fainted.” 

The Mistress of the Dark recounted selling her mansion to the Babylon actor in 1994 but found herself living next door to him soon after. According to Peterson, he was a “wonderful” neighbor and, on one particular day, the horror movie host almost passed out while walking her dogs after catching a glance at the star getting in shape for one of his most iconic films. She told People: 

One time I was walking down the street looking like a hag because I’d just gotten out of the shower. I was in a rush to get somewhere, so I ran my dogs down the street for a quick walk, and I go past Brad’s garage and he’s in there wearing only sweatpants and punching. He’s doing a punching bag. He’s got on boxing gloves and he is punching a bag.