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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Is Ending With Season 3, But There’s One Character I’m Hoping Will Keep Appearing In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Even in the Star Wars franchise, certain stories must eventually come to an end. For Star Wars: The Bad Batch, that comes in 2024, as it was announced at Star Wars Celebration that the animated Disney+ series will return next year for a third and final season. On the one hand, I wish this show could have gotten a run closer to what The Clone Wars received, but I’m nonetheless grateful that it will receive a proper conclusion rather than leaving fans hanging with unresolved plot threads. But even though The Bad Batch is coming to the finishing line, I’m hoping we’ll continue to see Omega, one of its starring characters, in a galaxy far, far away afterwards.

With Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Omega having all debuted in The Clone Wars, Michelle Ang’s Omega was the big character introduction when The Bad Batch premiered in summer 2021. Along with being the only known female Jango Fett clone at the time, like his “son” Boba, she aged at a normal rate rather than the accelerated rate the clone troopers did. Until meeting Clone Force 99, Omega had never left Kamino, but after Hunter, Wrecker, Tech and Echo decided not not to carry out the Empire’s orders, they rescued her and ventured out into the galaxy to build new lives for themselves.

Omega in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Over the course of two seasons, Omega has grown into a confident young woman who’s adept at using her energy bow in the field and provides alternative perspectives when her brothers most need them. With just one season left of Star Wars: The Bad Batch left, there are still a few mysteries surrounding Omega that need to be resolved, including the revelation in the Season 2 finale that Keisha Castle-Hughes’ Emerie Karr, the Imperial scientist working for Dr. Royce Hemlock, is another female Jango Fett clone. But even once this chapter of the Star Wars saga is finished, that doesn’t mean Omega’s story needs to end right then and there.