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Star Wars’ The Acolyte Will Have A Wookie Jedi Master, And 4 More Thrilling Things We Learned

There are beloved franchises, and then there’s Star Wars. Generations were brought up on the galaxy far, away, leading to a super strong fanbase. Many of those fans are currently across the pond for the annual Star Wars Celebration, which is revealing more information about the property’s future. That includes the mysterious new live-action series The Acolyte. That upcoming series will feature a Wookie Jedi Master, and there are four more thrilling updates we just learned.

While Star Wars‘ future in the movies is still a mystery, Lucasfilm is continuing to focus on its TV content, which is available for those with a Disney+ subscription. And during today’s presentation at the Star Wars Celebration,  we were given some limited but exciting news about The Acolyte. Let’s break it all down.