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Star Trek’s Brent Spiner Has Some Ideas For A Soong-Centric Story Following Data And Lore Return

Brent Spiner has managed to pop in almost every major era of Star Trek thanks to his portrayal of various members of the Soong family. While the Soongs have been on the right and wrong side of Trek history with their scientific advancements, they’ve ultimately played a key part in many stories over the years. With that said, Spiner feels like there’s more to their story to still be told, and he has some ideas. 

I spoke to Brent Spiner about his long stint in Star Trek and wondered if he ever wanted to play characters who weren’t androids or members of the Soong family. What I was surprised to learn is that Spiner is not at all tired of playing Soongs, and he spoke about it at length with me during our conversation: 

I have enjoyed playing all the Soongs and I think theirs is a really interesting story if you look at the whole thing. And I don’t think we’ve seen the whole thing. There was a moment in Season 2 where Picard meets Adam Soong in a gala, and he says, ‘You were the first.’ Well, clearly, he wasn’t the first because where did he come from? Surely he had parents. I think that’s always been a question.