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Simon Cowell’s Harrowing Bike Accident 3 Years Ago Still Has Ramifications When He Heads To AGT For Work

Simon Cowell dealt with a notable back injury during the pandemic. He’d been riding an e-bike when he fell and broke his back in several places, and he had to take a break from America’s Got Talent for a time while he recovered. This was nearly three years ago at this point, but a second e-bike accident later ensued, exacerbating the problem. Now, a new report indicates his harrowing bike accident is still impacting his day-to-day.

Most notably, Cowell is still wearing a surgical corset when he heads to work. It’s not something you would notice at a quick glance. In fact, he’s been rocking his usual tight tees and pants when he shows up to judge on episodes of America’s Got Talent alongside other cast members Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews. Insiders confirmed the use of the device to the Daily Mail.

The device can be  used to aid “lumbar discomfort,” and is often worn by those who have suffered back injuries. Though the AGT judge hasn’t confirmed he wears one, he was reportedly supported with the brace when recent man on the street-style photos were taken of him. 

Photo of Simon Cowell allegedly in a back brace.

(Image credit: (Photo by BG026/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images))

The original accident happened back in 2020 and Simon Cowell’s been open in the past about how bad it was and how it was even worse than people thought at the time. He even had a metal rod inserted into his spine as part of the surgical intervention following his e-bike accident. He noted he was “like a mm away from completely cutting my back in half,” too.  He also told OK he was “lucky to survive.” 

I didn’t talk about it too much at the time. I kept a lot back. It was a lot worse than people thought. I had a lot of long-term nerve damage as well.