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Real-Life Barbie Inspiration Reacts To Margot Robbie’s Portrayal, But Says She And Brother Ken Have Been Embarrassed Over Connection Their Whole Lives

Though it’s still a few months out from its release, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has already made a serious impression on the public. Fans seem entranced by a number of elements from the trailers, from Margot Robbie’s hot pink fits to that impeccable shot of her feet. Even Chrissy Teigen joined the fans in marveling at the latter. In short, the movie’s cultural footprint (no pun intended) is swiftly proving to be quite vast. One of the latest folks to weigh in on the production is Barbara Handler – the doll’s namesake. She provided some honest thoughts on the footage while also admitting that she and her late brother, Ken, have been embarrassed by their connection to the property. 

The Mattel-managed brand was established by business mogul Ruth Handler in 1959 and was met with massive success almost right away. Ahead of the launch, Handler opted to name the doll after her daughter and, needless to say, it stuck. The toy line would later give the trendy doll a boyfriend, who was ultimately named after Handler’s son, Kenneth. Some may find it cool to have this sort of link to pop culture, but apparently that’s not the case for Barbara Handler. As she explained to TMZ, she doesn’t go by Barbie and, considering that she says her brother didn’t care for the link either, one has to wonder if he preferred not to be referred to as Ken.