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Quantum Leap’s Showrunner Gives Update On Potential Scott Bakula Appearance In Season 2, Plus Thoughts On Recasting Sam Beckett

NBC’s Quantum Leap revival emerged as one of the biggest freshman hits of the 2022-2023 TV season, earning a Season 2 renewal early and giving showrunner Martin Gero the freedom to end the Season 1 finale on a cliffhanger without worrying about cancellation. The cryptic final scene left fans with more questions than answers to ponder over hiatus, on top of the lingering mystery of whether Sam Beckett will ever appear. While viewers will have to wait to see what’s next for Ben Song and Co., Gero spoke with CinemaBlend to give an update on whether Scott Bakula could reprise the role… or Sam could be portrayed by somebody else. 

Quantum Leap didn’t even need all 18 episodes of its first season to prove that it can stand on its own with relying on the original series, but the show did drop references to the show that debuted in 1989 and ran until a disappointing finale in 1993 that ended without letting Sam find his way home. So, it would be a treat for fans of the original and newcomers who have experienced these references to get to see Sam in the flesh, but has there been any progress in recruiting Scott Bakula to reprise the role? Speaking with CinemaBlend’s Mick Joest, showrunner Martin Gero shared:

Look, I mean, the show is a direct sequel, right? Tied to the old one in a way that we’re trying to be as referential as possible. We are obviously huge fans of the original show and we welcome his involvement. But I think he has kind of wished us well and has been so beautiful about it. It’s really up to him and his comfort. This is a very different show than the one he made, you know? The door’s always open. But for us, more importantly, is to stand on our own two feet while being deeply respectful to the show that brung us basically.