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Psychotic break – an emotional breakdown caused by severe and prolonged mental stress

Psychotic break that is also referred to as a psychotic event or the psychotic event, refers to a serious mental health issue that causes an absence of connection to reality. In a psychotic breakdown, people might experience hallucinations, delusions or a disordered thought process, as well as unusual behavior.

Delusions are false belief systems which aren’t based on reality, like believing that somebody is seeking to hurt them, or the fact that they possess special abilities. Hallucinations are a form of sensory experience that do not correspond to reality, like hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t present. Troubled thinking may include difficulties in organizing thoughts, talking coherently or figuring out reality. Atypical behavior may be characterized by acting in a manner that is not normal for the individual that is agitated, for example or withdrawing.

Psychotic breakdowns are caused by many causes, such as mental illness, substance use or stress. A treatment plan for those suffering from a psychotic breakdown typically includes therapy, medication, and assistance by mental health experts. It is essential to seek assistance when anyone you are familiar with has signs of a psychotic break which could be a serious and hazardous situation.

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