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One Thing That Hasn’t Changed Between Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly After Alleged Cheating Drama

Being a celebrity is a tricky thing. While it can provide money and awesome opportunities, fame can also make one’s personal life into a very public matter. Megan Fox knows this all too well, as she’s made countless headlines over the years– most recently related to her relationship with rockstar/actor Machine Gun Kelly. The two have been having some serious issues, resulting in the Transformers actress taking off her engagement ring. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed between Fox and MGK after the alleged cheating drama.

Over the past few years Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have gotten a ton of media attention for their relationship, and the unconventional ways they’d shown affection for each other. But lately there’s been a ton of interest surrounding the pair, and whether or not they’ll be able to reconcile their differences. The two were recently photographed in Hawaii together, despite all the drama. And an anonymous insider spoke to ET about where they currently stand, saying:

They enjoy being together and love one another, so they are trying to get to a good and solid place.They both have so much fun together and feel comfortable with one another, and that hasn’t changed.