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Law And Order: Organized Crime Just Poked Fun At Chris Meloni’s ‘Zaddy’ Reputation, And The Reactions Were Great

Spoilers ahead for Episode 18 of Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3, called “TAG:GEN.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime moved on to a case that hit close to home for Ayanna Bell in “TAG:GEN,” with the reveal of a terrifying robbery scheme targeting gay men that had been going on for quite some time without the police doing a proper investigation. Another cop became involved in the case as a victim, but wasn’t ready to come out to the NYPD, and Stabler ultimately went undercover to make the final bust. In the process, the show poked fun at star Christopher Meloni’s “zaddy” reputation, and if you ask me, the reactions of the characters were worth an immediate rewind.