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Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Called Out The Voice’s Most Glaring Problem And Gave Blake Shelton A New Nickname

NBC is currently in the midst of its 23rd season of The Voice, which will be most noteworthy for serving as Blake Shelton’s final season, at least assuming he doesn’t dip out for a single cycle only to miss the show so much that he can’t go a single second away from it any longer. Someone who probably won’t miss Shelton a whole-whole lot is Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who granted the country singer a brand new monster-related nickname while taking a swipe mid-episode at The Voice’s most glaring issue as a longer-lasting reality competition. 

John Oliver is certainly no stranger to non sequiturs and tangential bits on his weekly rewind show on HBO, but I’m not sure how many viewers would have expected for his extended segment on the growing power of influence going to Homeowners Associations across the country to get suddenly interrupted by Oliver mini-segueing into an all-around slam on The Voice’s continued inability to spin its winners into superstars on any level. Here’s what he had to say about the ratio of Voice seasons to memorable winners, while first speaking about a woman who was fined over the color of her shutters, only to get fined again when she took them down to repaint:

It’s one of those situations where no matter what you do, you lose. It’s sorta like going on The Voice. Sure, there are technically winners, but name a single one. This show has been on for a conservative 50 years, and not a single winner is a household name.