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Knives Out’s Chris Evans Shares Idea For A Return To The Franchise, And Sign Me Up

Actor Chris Evans is a wildly successful movie star, whose career was seriously boosted thanks to his tenure playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His time with the shield has come to an end, and he’s got a number of exciting projects coming down the line. It turns out that Evans has an idea for a return to the Knives Out franchise, and sign me up. After all, who doesn’t want to see more of the villainous Ransom Drysdale, complete with that signature white sweater?

2019’s Knives Out was a massive success, and filmmaker Rian Johnson has been expanding that burgeoning universe into a franchise, starting with the first follow-up flick Glass Onion. So far Daniel Craig’s protagonist Benoit Blanc is the only character who returned in the movies, as Johnson is seemingly creating an anthology series. But Chris Evans recently appeared at C2E2 in Chicago (via ComicBook), and offered an idea for how he might be able to return. As he put it,

It can’t be like a redemption story. No one wants to see Ransom find redemption. Maybe he gets out of jail off of like some sort of like high priced lawyers loophole. But then like, maybe he goes good. Yeah, I mean, like Sideshow Bob, like runs for office. But it’s an elaborate plan to actually take down Benoit Blanc and Marta. It’s revenge in plain sights. You know what I mean?