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Jamie Lee Curtis Calls Out ‘BS’ Beauty Industry After Singer Karol G Says She Was Photoshopped Heavily For Cover

Jamie Lee Curtis has had a long and wildly successful career in movies and TV. She’s been on a serious high the last few years, and even won an Oscar for Everything Everywhere All at Once, which was also her first nomination. She’s also recently been using her platform to battle unrealistic beauty standards, insisting on letting her natural body be on display in that Oscar winning role. And recently Curtis called out the “BS” beauty industry after singer Karol G says she was photoshopped heavily for a cover.

On top of her talents as an actress, Jamie Lee Curtis is also known for her sparkling personality and strong personal convictions. She often uses her platform for causes close to her heart, recently taking to Instagram to support singer Karol G who took umbrage with how she was photoshopped for the cover of GQ. You can see the Halloween icon’s post below: