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Interior Design Ideas That Are Perfect for Pole Barn Homes

One of the top reasons that people cite for building barndominiums is that they offer complete flexibility in terms of floor plans. Since a Pole Barn Home has no load-bearing walls, the interior is a blank slate. Homeowners can and should work with their barndo builders to get the details right in terms of windows and exterior doors, but many avid DIY enthusiasts prefer to take it from there and design their own interiors. Read on to find out about a few popular styles for open floor plans.

Modern Barndominiums

Modernism features a sleek and sophisticated style. That may sound like a strange fit for a building called a barndominium, but this interior design technique is perfect for highlighting a barndo’s best architectural qualities since it employs styles that provide extra dimension. Stick with a palette of light colors and combine it with accents of brick, steel, wood, and glass, and focus on keeping furniture versatile and modular. The results will be stunning.


Farmhouse Interiors

Want to keep things more traditional? Farmhouse-style interiors with homey, classic country features can’t go wrong. Matching farmhouse features to an open floor plan can be tough, but when done right, it creates a surprising mix of rustic coziness and elegance. Focus on clean white and earthy colors, and incorporate plenty of timber posts and railings.

Homeowners that plan ahead can even ask their barndo builders about fireplaces to make the aesthetic feel more authentic. Just keep in mind that gas fireplace inserts are safer, more economical, and much easier to maintain than real wood.

Ranch-Style Homes

Unlike farmhouse interiors, ranch-style homes draw more on rock and steel textures in addition to wood. The feel is equally rustic, but it tends to be more masculine than cozy, and the style lends itself well to minimalism. While farmhouse-inspired interiors often feature a good deal of targeted decor, ranch-style interiors are sparse on paintings and bric-a-brac. A carefully chosen and well-placed braided or southwest-style rug can be a good addition, though.

Contemporary Minimalism

Minimalism has already proven not to be a passing trend. Getting rid of all that clutter is good for the mind and it’s perfect for a wide-open space like a barndominium. As with modernist-style barndos, minimalist designs feature modular furniture and light color schemes. However, some homeowners like to go bold with accent colors. A carefully chosen statement piece or boldly colored accent wall brings extra character to the space without adding clutter.

Southern Plantation Style

The Southern plantation style is characterized by large porches, high ceilings, and carefully chosen antiques. These features are a perfect match for a pole building’s existing architecture. Adding some antique furniture will keep the style elegant instead of drawing it towards the more rustic vibe of a farmhouse-style interior.

The Sky’s the Limit

The great thing about building a barndo is that these homes offer a huge range of options for interior design. Start brainstorming before the initial build to make sure every aspect of the building will be perfectly suited to complement the interior design. Most pole barn builders are happy to accommodate customers who want large porches in the Southern style, for example, or bay windows to bring in extra light.