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Hugh Jackman Shares Sweet Message After Russell Crowe Says He Recommended Him For Wolverine

Looking back on Hugh Jackman’s successful career, the movie that really shot him into stardom was X-Men when he appeared as Wolverine for the first time. In the two decades that followed, the actor has reprised his role as Logan nine times, and he will appear as the character for the tenth time by teaming up with Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 3. It’s a well-known fact that before Jackman got the Marvel role Russell Crowe was considered for it, however, the Gladiator star didn’t feel right for it. So, he recommended his fellow Australian actor. Now, the man we’ve come to know as Wolverine is sharing a sweet message about the actor who helped him land one of his most iconic roles. 

Russell Crowe has openly talked about turning down the role of Wolverine, and recommending Hugh Jackman for the part. He spoke about it recently on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, talking about how he felt like his fellow Aussie looked a lot like the Marvel character. Crowe said: 

Yeah, but I also suggested him for [Wolverine], too. You know, because look, they show me art and stuff like that, and it’s like it doesn’t look like me. But, I’ll tell you who it looks like, it looks like Hugh Jackman.