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Halle Berry Enjoys The Spring Weather In The Buff: ‘I Do What I Wanna Do’

It’s rare to capture a perfect moment on camera, but Halle Berry did just that this weekend when she spent some time in the spring weather – yes, totally in the buff. The actress poured herself a glass of wine and had a bit of a photoshoot in the dappled sun and (presumably) warm air. The post comes shortly after Berry shared “self love” from the comfort of a giant shower. 

The actress shared the photo to Instagram, but don’t worry, thanks to a carefully placed balcony it’s pretty NSFW. It must be nice to be a celebrity with enough privacy to pop outside nude, as well. Most people live and play in neighborhoods where this would probably not be the best idea, lest you show more than you want to to your neighbors, but as Berry noted on the post (edited for capitalization), “I do what I wanna do.”