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Grey’s Anatomy’s Harry Shum Jr. Weighs In On Whether Blue And Jules Will Be ‘Endgame’

Grey’s Anatomy introduced five new interns this season, and it has been refreshing to see rookies back in the spotlight, making mistakes and struggling with their overwhelming work schedule. But Grey’s Anatomy has always been fueled by the power of its hookups, so in order for these characters to fully embrace the quasi-reboot, there’s got to be some romance. Lucas and Simone have already found themselves in a love triangle, and Blue and Jules have started a little something themselves. Is it possible that either of these couples will stand the test of time? Harry Shum Jr. certainly had some thoughts on his character’s trajectory.

Benson “Blue” Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) and Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane) first hooked up early in Season 19, with each promising to not get emotionally involved (because that always works). In “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” Jules was tasked with keeping an eye on Blue, after he was hit with a brick thrown by an angry protester and suffered a concussion. The sparks continued to fly later that night, when Jules admitted that his strong stance against animal cruelty was a big turn-on, and they left Joe’s Bar together. Shum sounds excited to see Blue and Jules’ characters develop, as he told ET that Blue’s perspective on the relationship is: 

Right now, Jules and forever. If it switches, it’s like, why would you do that to him?