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Full House Stars Recall Filming With Donkey ‘Pepper Mill’ That Was Sexually Aroused By John Stamos

Despite being one of the most exceedingly family-friendly sitcoms appealing to both parents and kids, Full House could definitely tap into some less-than-savory subject matter behind the scenes, thanks to the ribald sense of humor shared by adult stars Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos. But as professional as they tried to keep it on the set, potentially offensive elements would sometimes just pop up out of nowhere, such as — [refers to notes] — the erection of a donkey who displayed more than a passing attraction to Stamos. 

Full House fanatics probably remember the Season 8 episode, “You Pet It, You Bought It,” in which Michelle spends hundreds of dollars on a take-home donkey from a petting zoo that ends up making everybody grumpy and miserable, and ol’ Shorty was never heard from again after the episode. (Fans can stream it with an HBO Max subscription or a Hulu subscription.) But that particular beast of burden factored into a more notorious set of memories for the TGIF sitcom’s stars thanks to the animal’s penchant for sporting an erection directly inspired by resident hottie John Stamos.