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Disney World’s Tron Coaster Officially Opened Yesterday After Previews. Wait Times Haven’t Been Crazy, But There Was One Big Issue

After years of waiting, Tron: Lightcycle Run has officially opened at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The new Tron coaster has been getting rave reviews, so you can be sure it was popular on day one. Of course, between the virtual queue and the paid Lightning Lane, there weren’t crazy lines at the ride, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some issues, as some guests were frustrated by the ride’s more strict rules.

The Virtual Queue system at Walt Disney World assigns guests to a Boarding Group, and when that group is called, then you have one hour to get to the attraction for your ride. Generally speaking, however, Disney World has been flexible with the return time, allowing guests to usually get on the ride anytime after their group has been called, but a new rule specific to Tron makes it clear that once the hour has expired, guests may not be allowed on, and it sounds like the park was strict with this rule yesterday.

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