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Country Singer Kane Brown Opens Up About Why Fire Country Was The ‘Perfect’ Show To Make His Acting Debut On

The first season of CBS’ successful drama Fire Country is winding down, but that isn’t stopping the Max Thieriot-led series from still pulling out some great surprises, including bringing in some new characters. This week, that fun surprise comes by way of country singer Kane Brown who is set to make his acting debut on the show. And now, he’s opening up about the whole experience.

The upcoming episode of the fire drama will see Kane Brown literally hopping into action as Robin, a train hopper who teams up with the fire crew to help injured passengers following a train crash. In an interview with THR, the singer mentioned his role was written just for him, as the series had used one of his songs in a promo earlier in the season. After reading about the character, he knew that it would make for a great first role for him:

They wrote a script specifically for me to jump on the show. Acting’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so it was cool to be a part of [this] for my first time, especially the character. He’s so laid back and trying to stay out of the spotlight, which I felt like was kind of perfect for me. It was the perfect start of my acting career.