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Clueless’ Breckin Meyer Shares Heartfelt Praise For Brittany Murphy And Why Her Death Still Hurts

It’s somehow been 30 years since filmmaker Amy Heckerling first attempted to bring Clueless to life as a TV series, and a slightly less gobsmacking 28 years since it hit theaters. Its modern classic status was cemented rather quickly, thanks in part to its quotable script, its endless wardrobe choices, and that stellar ensemble cast. Four of the stars — Alicia Silverstone, Breckin Meyer, Stacey Dash, and Elisa Donovan — celebrated the high school comedy anew during the excellent Clueless panel during ‘90s Con 2023’s spring event. They talked about breakout co-star Paul Rudd, shared some of their favorite lines, and at several points spoke lovingly about their late co-star Brittany Murphy, with Meyer sharing a poignant take about why her death remains such a heartbreaking “bummer,” as he put it.

Meyer, whose stoner Clueless character Travis was a romantic foil for Brittany Murphy’s Tai, shared a wild story about the audition process that landed them both their respective roles, which sounds like a less-than-ideal way to try and land a job. In his words:

Well, Brit and I had played boyfriend and girlfriend in a couple of things. I was tied to someone who played her big sister on a sitcom, and I had no job, so I was around the set a lot. And they were like, ‘You want to get on camera?’ So I played his boyfriend there, so we were tight already. So when I auditioned, it was nice, because anytime you audition with someone you know, it’s one box I can check: I’m comfortable. I skateboarded to the audition; not for fun, but because of broke. If you don’t know L.A., it’s really far skateboarding from North Hollywood to Hollywood where the studio is. So I came in sweaty, greasy, gross, and Amy is like ‘Did you skate?’ I said, ‘A little bit.’ And it was down to Seth – who’s my best friend, Seth Green – and Alanna Ubach, who was his girlfriend at the time, oddly enough. So it was them, or Brit and me, just kind of one or the other. . . . When I saw Britney, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m gonna get the part, but obviously if you don’t make the movie with her, don’t make the movie.’ She’s that for me.

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