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Chicago P.D. May Have Dropped The First Big Clues About Season 10’s Finale, And It’s Bad News For Ruzek

Spoilers ahead for Episode 18 of Chicago P.D. Season 10, called “You Only Die Twice.”

In the wake of the Burzek romance heating up in the previous episode of Chicago P.D., Ruzek faced some cold, hard truths in “You Only Die Twice” on April 5. The afterglow could only last so long before he had to go back undercover to keep trying to get dirt on Richard Beck, via daughter Samantha and whatever connections he can make through her. His position became even more precarious in “You Only Die Twice” when he was tasked with killing a man. He ultimately proved himself enough to Beck to learn about the big plan… and it doesn’t bode well for him in the Season 10 finale.