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Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg Drops Details On ‘Intense’ Upcoming Episode For Danny And Baez As Possible Romance Looms

As the end of Blue Bloods’ 13th season draws nigh, there are still several storylines left to be further explored and wrapped for the Reagan family. One of which, many fans would likely agree, would be the potential for a romantic update between longtime partners Danny and Baez. Danny Reagan himself, star Donnie Wahlberg, shared some details about an upcoming episode that will get pretty intense while bringing their characters closer than ever.  

Blockheads will remember that the January 20 episode, “Lost Ones,” saw Danny finally ready to date again, and he definitely didn’t make a bad choice in opting to go out with fellow detective Maria Baez. Talking to TV Insider about the episode setting up that narrative avenue, Wahlberg discussed how close he and co-star Marisa Ramirez are, and how they try to bring that chemistry to the screen. But that doesn’t mean audiences were the only ones surprised by that step forward. In his words:

I think that script caught some viewers by surprise. It surprised me. It certainly opens the door for Danny and Baez, but all I know is that they will bond at much deeper levels than they ever had. Marisa and I are incredibly close, and we try to bring a lot of that into the show, which has really worked for the audience.