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All You Need to Know About Video Call Apps 

Customer service is one of the foundational pillars on which  a business operates. The methods, techniques, and tools have evolved over time and in the post-COVID-19, the focus is on video-based service solutions. Global customer experience research firm Webhelp in its survey of 6,000+ surveyed across the UK, Germany and France reported a hefty uptick in the use of video-calling for customer servicing solutions in recent times. While before the pandemic, only 21% used video-calling, and nearly 62% during the lockdown, the numbers shot past 76% who were willing to use video-calling for customer services. While this was just a single example of a video chat solution for customer service, there is a large body of research work to prove these findings.

Why Should You Choose Video Calling for Customer Service?  

Science has established that humans are innately visual creatures and have better cognition of  images or visuals over text. Businesses found proof of this during 2020’s experiments with video chat and video calling as part of customer services. Customers loved the in-store experience of the video calls and video chats offered. Over 70% of customers were happy to use video apps and messaging apps as primary contact channels over traditional means as it offered a personalized digital experience.

  • It adds a personal touch, similar to an agent attending to the customer at the offline store
  • Online sales are optimized as software like self-managed video chat for customer service offers a personalized in-store experience.

Thus, businesses find that visual communication software is improving the bottom line in transitioning to online, video-based customer support channels.    

How Are Voice and Video Solutions Transforming Businesses?

The high levels of personalization and rapport in live video calls and chat for customer service delivery are transforming businesses. 

  • At the same time, video customer services reduce costs for the business as they can now operate independently of a fixed physical location. 
  • Communication is clear and easy for the customer to understand regardless of where the customer has located
  • Contact center response to customers and performance is optimized with video chat software. Businesses in the UK found that chat disconnects were minimized to 6% after video customer services were introduced. 
  • Video chats take less time to resolve customer queries in comparison to other communication channels. 

Thus, video chat is a proactive engagement of customers with face-to-face communication, and personalization, over-reactive channels such as telephone calls or emails. Video chats ensure enquiries are resolved effectively driving immense customer satisfaction and experience in addition to the other benefits discussed above. 

 Boosting video chat for customer service – 8 key tips

Businesses deploying video chat software solutions can boost customer engagement and achieve customer service goals. For those brands already running such services, the following eight tips will let your services find better customer reach. Let us take a closer look at the eight ways in which you can converse with your customers and offer a great experience on your platform thus- 

1. Resolve issues faster with lesser touchpoints

Typically resolving customer queries takes time when it is over a telephone conversation or email. On the other hand, video chatting gives customers a higher level of cognition, while agents are also better positioned to address the needs of the customers. Hence, issues can be wrapped up quickly with the least level of interaction as the video chat or call helps to overcome most of the touchpoints. 

2. Cut down your customer service costs

3. Boost customer satisfaction rate

The first advantage of video calling is improving customer satisfaction. Well-trained agents and representatives are able to connect and empathize with the customers and have an intuitive sales conversation with them. This helps build a face-to-face interactive phase and customers are able to pick up on these aspects and make an informed purchase. This drives their satisfaction levels high and customers are willing to return to the business for their next experience. 

4.  Deliver higher brand equity

Video chats software solutions are effective tools that help businesses to build their brand loyalty. Businesses should offer customized services which help customers to find specific solutions for their needs. This keeps the customer returning to the brand each time. Hence, video chats and video calls have proved to be very effective tools to build brand equity.  

5. Use video recordings for audit purposes

To help improve the quality of services, you should have a review of the interaction your agents have with customers. The recordings also support or act as evidence when you need to resolve further customer queries. As a result, your agents’ services are more effective. At the same time, businesses can also use the interaction to revamp the sales pitch or tweak interaction for customized approaches. 

6. Better remote technical support

For every video chat service, it is very important that the needed technical aspects are covered. While it does not only use the latest technology for the best customer service, you should be sure of having a webcam that can operate even with limited internet speeds. Producing high-quality images is essential to meet the desired standards.

 Businesses should take care that video chats are lit well and customers can easily see and interact easily .

7. Improve customer service metrics 

When working with customers, agents are able to successfully use video chat by using equipment that can improve and deliver better service. By using the built-in microphones, and top-quality headsets it is possible for customers to engage with agents better. Customer services can be improved by using a certain setup that can remain the same for every video call. It helps in avoiding mistakes and adjusting audio levels for call after call. Therefore, businesses can offer standardized services for all that they have to offer. 

8. Accelerate live customer engagement

Video chat helps in improving customer engagement as live sessions give agents a better perceptive of customer needs. At the same time, the customer too is able to communicate their needs better and the overall live conversations complete the interaction at a faster rate than normal email and phone conversations. It allows agents to escalate any negative aspects a customer has over live video chats. Problem-solving is the highlight of live customer video calls. 

Customer service via video call: industry examples

Businesses find higher resolution rates, higher remote sales and better-performing customer contact centers as video chat delivers an in-person experience. Here are some great industry examples – 

  • Public Sector Organisations 

Video customer service improves the access of government agencies. The Public now have the option of engaging with such digital-first agencies from the safety of their homes. It is most helpful for senior citizens and those who are unable to move away from their homes and seek government solutions. The public who are bound by work hours and not able to seek government appointments outside of those hours can now seek online interaction. Hence, agencies can offer dedicated service at convenient times to the public. 

  • Healthcare 

One of the primary beneficiaries of these video platform solutions has been the healthcare sector. Medical professionals are able to offer consultation, view reports and high-quality images or scans to diagnose and offer medical care. Clinical consultations online improve healthcare in remote areas and reduce wait time for customers. 

  • Financial Services 

Online banking services are considered one of the most crucial financial services that have transitioned to the digital space. The security-compliant video services have led customers to accept guidance online. This is especially useful for the working segment of customers who are unable to schedule dialogue with bank officials due to work commitments. Thus, video customer software is able to support and overcome issues the customer may have, improving security, flexibility and convenience.

  • Retailers

The advantage of video software solutions for retail businesses is being able to reach out to their customers anywhere in the world. The opportunity for virtual shopping has increased leading to retailers being able to engage their clients with a personal touch. Therefore, they are able to build brand loyalty and improve customer relations with live chats and more.

  • Real Estate & Car Dealerships 

Businesses now offer customers virtual tours of the properties they are interested in, saving them time and the issues of having to travel long distances to view these options. Similarly, in the case of car dealerships, vehicles are viewed remotely by clients helping them to review and evaluate vehicles they are interested in. Therefore, these businesses are able to build customer satisfaction and offer personalized services leading to higher sales. 

The pandemic offered the correct testing ground for businesses to experiment with video chat software for customer services and prove that this is a channel that is here for the long term amidst the emerging digital lifestyles. 


To wrap up, the discussion above gives a clear understanding of how to video chat software solutions are changing the face of customer services. These solutions not only give customers a better experience, but businesses also benefit from this technology-driven technology. These solutions ensure online customers have an in-store experience with video calling driving a digital experience that customers are willing to repeat in the future as well. Hence, your business should find the best video chat services and software provider for the best online communication experience. Speak to our experts at MirrofFly to help you with customized video chat API solutions to drive the best ROI and customer engagement.