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After The Resident’s Cancellation, Matt Czuchry Has Already Landed A New Role

The Resident’s time on Fox has come to an end, as the network has cancelled its medical drama after six seasons and more than 100 episodes. The decision comes months after the Season 6 finale tied off some loose ends, and means that Matt Czuchry’s tenure as Dr. Conrad Hawkins is over. Apparently, however, the star isn’t staying away from the small screen for too long, as he has reportedly landed a new role.

Season 6 of The Resident wrapped back in January without any sign of whether or not it would return for Season 7. The finale fortunately didn’t end on a wild cliffhanger, and fans won’t be left needing closure on any huge, open-ended storylines. The show had managed to survive huge obstacles that included COVID and the departure of its original leading lady when Emily VanCamp decided to leave, only to get the axe now. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the cancellation comes after a 12% ratings drop from the fifth season to the sixth.