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After Seeing Margot Robbie’s Barbie, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks He Is aware of The place Barbieland Is Positioned

Throughout the world established by Barbie, Margot Robbie’s eponymous character, her fellow Barbies, the Kens and even Allan and Midge all hail from the brightly-colored Barbieland, the place the homes don’t have any doorways and partitions, and there’s a whole lack of water, which has individuals on the web freaked out. It’s by no means made clear whether or not Barbieland is a part of Earth as we all know it or resides in an alternate dimension, universe, and many others. Nonetheless, if we assume it’s the previous, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks he is aware of the place it’s situated.

Like so many moviegoers up to now few weeks, Tyson lastly bought in on the Barbenheimer phenomenon, i.e. went to the theater to see each Barbie and Oppenheimer. With regards to that first film, Tyson, a person who’s well-known for ripping into films like X-Males, Jurassic World and The Martian, as an alternative put his analytical mind to make use of determining the place Barbieland could be positioned on our planet, and he shared his findings on Twitter as follows:

In @BarbieTheMovie, the Moon’s orientation locations Barbie World between 20 & 40 deg North Latitude on Earth. Palm timber additional constrain latitude between 20 & 30 deg. The Solar & Moon rose & set over the ocean. If it’s within the US, Barbie World lands someplace within the Florida Keys.