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Accio Surprise! Warner Bros. New Harry Potter Series Announcement Came Just Months After Rupert Grint Guessed It Might Happen

Remakes and reboots are the order of the day. There are few if any franchises that are completely safe, and as it turns out that includes Harry Potter. With the Fantastic Beasts film franchise all but officially dead, the plan for the future is to remake the Harry Potter movies, but as a prestige television series for HBO Max. The announcement was a shock to many fans, but apparently not to Rupert Grint, who called it a few months ago.

Back in January, Rupert Grint spoke with GQ and talked about the idea of the role of Ron Weasley getting recast in an eventual remake. Grint saw the possibility as inevitable, but also said that he thought a Harry Potter series, rather than a straight film remake, was the way to go. He explained… 

I’d love to see Harry Potter be adapted into a TV show. I think it would really work. I’m sure the films will get remade, anyway.