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10 Best Cinema HD Alternatives for Firestick/Android TV

cinema hd apk alternatives

The following guide provides a list of the Best Cinema HD Alternatives in 2023.

Cinema HD APK is a popular media streaming application that serves up Movies and TV Shows.

This has been one of the most popular applications for several years being used by millions of cord-cutters around the world.

Why Use Cinema HD Alternatives?

Unfortunately, it seems that Cinema HD APK has run its course and will no longer be functioning for use.

This comes after the app’s official GitHub page and Facebook Page has officially gone offline.

You can learn more about this in our guide below that explains all the details of Cinema HD shutting down.

Cinema Shutting Down – What You Need to Know

All Streaming Apps in the list below are available for installation on any streaming device, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android devices, and more.

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular streaming device due to its low price point and ability to unlock the device.

Whenever you are using a streaming app such as any of those listed below, a VPN is strongly encouraged.

A VPN will mask your IP Address making your online activity anonymous. This will also protect you from hackers, unverified app developers, and others.

TROYPOINT recommends you view our complete VPN guide below.

VPN on Firestick/Android Guide

This guide showcasing the best Cinema HD alternatives is updated weekly to ensure these apps are up-to-date and working.

⚖️ Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not operate, develop, host, or administer any streaming app, addon, service, or website. This is a review site where we point out the good, bad, and possibly illegal practices found within various apps, addons, services, websites, etc. The end-user is ultimately responsible for anything streamed or downloaded through his/her Internet connection. TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiciton. TROYPOINT will not be held liable for ISP termination, lawsuits, data breaches, fraudulent charges, etc.

The following list was last updated on Mon, Feb, 13, 2023

Best Cinema HD Alternatives

Below we have compiled a list of working Cinema HD alternatives that provide movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other on-demand content.

1. Kodi


Without question, the most trustworthy streaming application available is Kodi.

Because of its open-source technology, Kodi has literally thousands of add-ons that can be installed for streaming.

This means that if you are having trouble with an add-on, you can simply try another until you find one that suits your needs.

TROYPOINT has created a list of the Best Kodi Addons that is updated DAILY for your streaming enjoyment.

If you are more advanced with this technology, you will want to see our list of Best Kodi Builds.

In my opinion, Kodi is one of the best ways to stream Movies and TV Shows.

Install Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV


Your online activity is tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs, and government through your identifying IP address.

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark will encrypt your connection to the Internet, mask your identifying IP address and location so you will become anonymous.

Your Current Identifying IP Address:


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Surfshark allows you to use your account on unlimited Internet-connected devices

Install Kodi On Android TV Box

2. TeaTV


TeaTV has been around for years providing tons of TV Shows and Movies for viewing.

There are also live streaming options that you can access making it an all-in-one streaming app.

The best way to do this is with an M3U URL that will provide access to your preferred IPTV Service and more.

Users can install TeaTV and integrate a real-debrid account for fabulous link options.

Learn how to install and much more using our TeaTV resource guide:

TeaTV on Firestick/Android

3. Syncler


A new Streaming App that works fabulously on any device for Movies and TV Shows is Syncler.

This is a fabulous Cinema HD Alternative with tons of categories and genres to choose from.

The Syncler App is a fork of the once-popular TVZion application with a few noticeable differences.

Users must install a provider package for use that will provide them with content.

A real-debrid account must also be integrated which will provide you with the highest quality streaming links available.

Learn more about this app and how to set it up using our tutorial below:

Syncler on Firestick & Android

4. Tubi

tubi best apks

Tubi is an ad-supported streaming APK that has gained a massive following among cord-cutters. This makes it a solid alternative to Cinema APK.

Not only can you access Free Movies and TV Shows, but Tubi offers live content as well.

There are various categories to choose from and content streams absolutely buffer-free.

Users can install the Tubi app on any device they prefer or use the Tubi TV Kodi Addon to access this service within Kodi.

Tubi App Installation Guide

5. Stremio


Stremio is a fabulous Cinema Alternative that uses add-ons similar to Kodi to provide content.

Many of these addons pull torrent links which means they will play fast and buffer-free.

Exposed VPN Reminder

However, this also means we must use a VPN in conjunction with this app to protect our data.

Our guide below provides easy set up instructions for Stremio on your preferred device including Firestick & Fire TV.

How to Install Stremio

6. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is a newer addition to this list, and this app seems to be another fork of Terrarium TV with some updated features.

Users will notice a similar interface with popular categories to choose from. You can also integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt accounts for an improved streaming experience.

See our complete FilmPlus guide below for installing this quality Cinema HD APK alternative.

Install FilmPlus on Firestick/Android

7. Ocean Streamz

ocean streamz

Ocean Streamz is another new alternative to Cinema HD that is simple and effective for streaming on any device.

With real-debrid integration, users will find tons of links that play fast and buffer-free.

However, free links are also readily available for those who do not have a debrid service.

Use the guide below to learn how to sideload Ocean Streamz on Firestick, Fire TV, Android, and more.

Ocean Streamz APK on Firestick/Android

8. Crackle

crackle best apks

Sony’s Crackle is one of the most well-known free streaming apps available today.

It features an extensive library of quality programming including Movies, TV Shows, and more.

This ad-supported APK is available for installation on any device you prefer and is 100% free to download and use.

Learn more about Crackle and how to install this app using our tutorial below.

Install Crackle App on Firestick/Android

9. Viva TV

viva tv

Viva TV is another popular Cinema alternative that has been around for years and is currently working great.

Users will find a simple interface with various categories to choose from including Movies, TV Shows, and more.

Links always play fast and are even faster with the help of a real-debrid account.

You can learn how to install Viva TV and much more at our Viva TV resource guide below.

Viva TV on Firestick/Fire TV/Android

10. BeeTV

beetvBeeTV is a streaming APK that has only recently hit the scene but is quickly becoming a favorite among cord-cutters.

This app features Movies and TV Shows in high definition for an all-around viewing experience. Oftentimes, links are provided in 720 and 1080p.

Bee also has the ability to integrate both a real-debrid as well as a trakt.tv account within the app which will enhance your viewing experience.

One thing to note about Bee, however, is that advertisements are plentiful.

BeeTV Installation Guide

For more Cinema HD APK alternatives and general streaming options, see our popular tutorials below:

Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest streaming news, reviews, tips, and more by following the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly.

This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more.

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Free TROYPOINT Advisor

Cinema HD Alternatives FAQ

What are the Best Cinema HD Alternatives?

Some of the best Cinema HD alternatives include Kodi, Syncler, TeaTV, and others found in this list.

Are Cinema HD Alternatives Legal?

Yes. Most Cinema HD alternatives are legal to install and use. However, some content provided may be illegal. To ensure you are not illegally streaming, make sure to only watch movies and TV shows in the public domain.

Are Cinema HD Alternatives Safe?

One of the best ways to make sure an application is safe to install on your device is to scan using the VirusTotal website. This site lets you check apps for any issues it may have prior to installing.

What Devices can These Apps be Installed on?

These Cinema HD APK alternatives are available for installation on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular streaming device available. Users can also download on Android and more.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, you will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote something that I personally don’t use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming. Thank you!

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